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A few simple examples of SEO techniques

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There are two main points in online trading about SEO techniques:

First, your business will be on Google's first page.

Secondly, show the unique product to the visitors.

Here are some of the most important things about SEO for you based on the experience of the company. These are very small things, but they are a lot about SEO.

You will finally find out how much money you can get by simply using the same simple SEO techniques.

    Have a Google Plus page

Google Plus's social network is more popular than Facebook. However, this does not matter. Just add your own page to Google Plus; your image will be displayed alongside Google's results.

33% of people click on the top results of Google Why? To make it easier. Why, when an image appears next to Google's results, people should not click on it.

moz.vom is ranked third, but more clicks than other results.

first stage. You need a Google Plus account if you do not have a quick account.

second stage. In your Google profile, go to about> links> edit and add your own site URL to the links section.

SEO Technique

Put Link on Google+

third level. Go to contributor to this section and add your link here. This section will allow your image to appear alongside the results if an article appears on Google.


Step Four Make sure you have an image on your Google Plus. And also this image is an image of your face.

Step Five For Google to make sure this website is for you, you need to place the Google Plus button in different places on your site. For example, the share button.

    Have a Google Place page

If you are new to the SEO community, it's likely that the word "position of the company" has repeatedly been eaten.

Most people do not know SEO works on a geographic location. This is a great chance for you.

This will increase the site's rank.

Here's an example I've shown to you.

So how do you specify the location now? This is a very simple task.

Seo Location

Make sure your address is within your site and all social networks.

Every time Google can integrate your business with your address. If you can register your business in yelp or angi's list, it will be in your favor.

Very simple

This way, if your site does not do its job well, other social networks will do this for you.

    Check the internal structure of your links.

Backlinks from other sites are an important part of the SEO strategy.

The links inside your site are very important and a small change in them will greatly change the ranking of your site.

1. Select a weak page in your site design.

2. Link to other sites.

Google also allows pages that are worth a lot to specify the rating of other pages. Each page should have as many keywords as possible. This is especially important for online stores.

    Make sure you speak in Google.

Here are a few things that make sure you have a Google-friendly design for your own pages.

    Do you use the h1 tag?
    Use the h2, h3 tag for sub titles?
    Your site title has your keywords?

What are your main keywords?

Complete an SEO Audit on your website.
Learn what your users want.
Create SEO optimized landing pages.
Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
Grow your traffic with infographics.
Optimize your content for RankBrain.
Write at least 1,890 words.
Write a roundup post.

Some of the most important elements for search engine optimization happen on your own website. You may hear a lot about link building (which we will get to in just a moment), but link building without good on-site search optimization isn’t going to be as effective. Here are the bare minimum on-site optimization elements you should put on each of your website’s main pages, including and especially the homepage.

The best on page and off page SEO techniques are:

1. On page:
Keyword research
Meta tags and title
Meta description
Robots.txt file
Sitemap generation
Content development
Image optimization

2. Off page:
Guest posting
Article submission
Press release submission
Social bookmarks
Classified ads
Infographics submission
Social media optimization

This is a simple SEO test to see how Google and Bing are advancing at indexing text in images.  The text that you clearly see is invisable to a search engine.

Optimizing images is an important part of SEO. There are a few ways we can add data to tell a search engine what an image is, and how it relates to the page topics.


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