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New CONTADU for competition analysis, content planning and optimization with NLP


Dear colleagues!

We present to you CONTADU ( - a platform that combines competition analysis, content planning and SEO optimization with NLP.

In CONTADU, there are four main modules you can work with:

Content Strategy  - keyword suggestions & clustering, content planning and competition analysis.
Content Writer (with built-in Content Editor) - transparent SEO optimization tips for the articles in the built-in editor, generated with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Management - webpage  structure visualization with a tree-like diagram, external backlinks checking, task management, team collaboration
Performance - content visibility analysis, cannibalization checking, integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Content Strategy

The intuitive dashboard helps getting started with CONTADU easily, the work starts from two most popular modules: Content strategy & Content writer.

Strategy development and semantic analysis takes place in the Content strategy module. 
All you need to do is type the “seed” (top level) keywords you are interested in and the platform does the analysis. From 1-5 top-level keywords CONTADU suggests hundreds (and often even more than a thousand) suggestions on a given topic. The suggestions are then grouped in keyword clusters.
There are a few possible representations of keyword clusters.
First is a Content map with topic clusters in the form of characteristic "bubbles". The map tells:
- what content to cover
- which clusters are closest to our topic
- what the cluster potential is (monthly traffic volume or value)
- what existing content overlaps with the clusters and what is missing
- what clusters our competitors have covered (with blue/red color saturation)

In the Keywords - details tab we can get details of all keyword suggestions or a list of keywords classified as questions. In the Competition overview, we can see how our competitors are doing in our chosen topic: traffic and its value for particular domains, monthly coverage of particular clusters for domains or best competitors URLs in subject area arranged in table. Lots of very interesting information which will be useful while planning the content.

Content Writer

The second core module is the Content writer is where the hub for content creation and optimization is located.
Content Editor helps a lot with interesting options giving you a competitive advantage in Google:
- NLP based recommendations of terms which should be included in content and the suggested usage range (based on competition analysis)
- the usage examples of keywords in H1/ H2 headlines (or in whole text) which makes writing much easier
- AI - writing based on GPT-3 libraries
In Content terms you will find words from the basic group, on the basis of which we should build an article. The extended group are words expanding our content and are also very important.
In the Ideas tab we can find recommendations for questions coming from Google suggest and competitors' content.
Meta title and description can be also optimized using the widget above the editor or you may even create the whole article structure thanks to the article draft generator.
Content Score is the main indicator that evaluates our text in terms of semantic SEO in CONTADU. The score of the text is based on the saturation of relevant key and extended phrases - the more points we achieve, the more effectively optimized the content. Seems pretty simple.

Inventory & Tasks

Management module and Inventory option is a place where we can monitor our content strategy.
Inventory is a place to manage keywords of your interest and subpages. In the Keywords tab we can assign appropriate landing pages to them.
The External backlinks tab allows for backlinks monitoring. Just paste the link into the table and the tool will start monitoring their status.
The last Inventory tab is Performance. Here we can gain information about visibility or traffic thanks to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration and analyze the effectiveness of our actions.
Tasks  module is a place where it is possible to manage tasks and teamwork. CONTADU allows you to share projects and articles with coworkers. It is possible to share entire projects, as well as individual optimizations.


The last module of CONTADU is Performance, which is the area where we get the most important statistics related to our work and content marketing strategy. Thanks to the Google Search Console integration, you can gather information on organic traffic. In the Search Visibility tab we will find out what are the most valuable keywords or subpages on our website, as well as we can check if there is any cannibalization in our domain. All analytical knowledge in one place.

We invite you to check out CONTADU for building a content strategy and optimizing content with the participation of machine learning and artificial intelligence!

Try it with 30 days of free access to the CONTADU platform on:


Thank you for sharing this amazing content.

Thank you so much for saying that!
You are welcome!
We invite all who are involved in content creation to check out CONTADU with 30-day FREE trial period.  !-!

Hi everyone!

We'd like to tell you about a new useful feature in CONTADU known as SEO Checklist.

It provides you with a quick checklist of semantic tips for each article you write:

must have keywords
usage of LSI suggested terms
keyword stuffing risk

We hope it will be useful if you do not want to deal with SEO and semantics on your own.
With CONTADU SEO Checklist You never miss main optimisation tips for your articles!  !-!

Everyone is welcome to try CONTADU 30 days for free:
No credit card required.

Promoting it at the wrong place I guess. Try it on social media/paid ads.


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