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How be get more likes on facebook.

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Build Your Presence and Authority.
Drive Facebook Organic Reach By Publishing Evergreen Content.
Create a Facebook Group for Your Most Engaged Audience Members.
Use Organic Post Targeting.
Post When Your Competitors Are Asleep.
Post the Content Your Users Like.

There are a number of things you can do to get more likes on Facebook. Some of them are as follows:

• Post interesting and engaging content. People are more likely to like your posts if they are interesting and engaging.

• Tag people in your posts. When you tag someone in a post, they will be notified and may like the post or even share it with their friends.

• Use photos and videos. Photos and videos tend to get more likes than text-only posts.

• Run contests and giveaways. People love contests and giveaways, so consider running one on your Facebook page.

• Promote your Facebook page on other channels.

Facbook likes are very important in this sens if you are using facbook fan page or business page for selling your products on that page. Then most likes will more credible for your business yes you can earn from fb likes as this is a best way to promote your page as much as you can and then you can get earn from your business as well as a lot of traffic will be yours that will a good SEO tool.

Start with strong social marketing fundamentals.
Know what your audience wants to see.
Know when your audience is active.
Stay up-to-date with Facebook trends.
Pin a popular post.
Work with Facebook influencers.
Take advantage of cross-promotion.
Run ads.

You need to work on Brand awareness campaign first then you will get the likes


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