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How to earn high Domain Authority?

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To earn high domain authority you need to perform well in terms of SEO and work on your website itself.
Website should be SEO friendly for that you need to optimize your website, headings, sub-headings, content, images, urls. After making your website SEO friendly you need to create backlinks through SEO activities to get more traffic on your website.
SEO activities as follows:
- Social Bookmarking
- Guest Posting
- Press Release
- Blog Posting
- Participating in relevant forums

By following these steps you can gain high domain authority for your website.

Hope that helps!

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It will require you investment to get high area authority. On the off chance that your area is new, it requires greater investment. For this, you need to focus that your site ought to be extraordinary and appealing. Pick a decent name while buying a space. Every once in a while, keep on eliminating the harmful connections from your site. Completely advance the site. Site backlinks make destinations with high space authority.


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