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How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales

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Whether it is leading a business, startup or a drowning business everyone wants to gain new customers and increase their sales and also their conversion rate.

1. Request for the referrals
If you have been doing business for a long time then you can use this opportunity to grow your buyers. You can ask you, customers, not every but those who are consistent for referrals. Ask them if they have any family members or any friends who would like to buy their products and knowing you they will give some names to you.

2. Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for promotion
Promotion is one of the effective ways to get increase your sales. Now it matters where you are promoting so always choose social media platform for promotion. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the best places for promotion because a lot of people are active there and post new products and everything about your website here.

3. Offer free trials to customers
 It is well written and known thing that free things attract people. Offer free trials to your people and allow them to trust and make them believe that you are there for them. And ask for feedback from them and in this way you will be able to make improvements in your products. After gaining confidence your sales will surely increase because now customers have tested your products and they have faith in you.

4. Get in the newspaper
Yes, social media is a great way to advertise and promote your product and it will also give you lot of new customers but you have to use the newspaper for the promotion too because all the people are not available at social media like the previous generation prefer to stay away from social media and they are more engaged in newspapers so it is important to promote your business there and you will get more people and with more people comes an increase in sales.

5. Use Social Proof Technique
It is one of the best and trending marketing techniques in online business. It allows you to use the different Social Proof Tools. With the help of this marketing technique, you will not only increase your sales but will also increase your conversion rate as it will attract lots and lots of people.
As there are lots of social proof tools out there I recommend you to use the best one that is Fizfy Social Proof Notification tool. It is trending as every business is using it and they are having nothing but a good time with this tool. It allows you to use 40+ powerful widgets which you can use for convert your visitors into customers.
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Before you can find new customers and increase sales, you need to understand who your customer is, what value you offer customers, and what your competition is currently offering in the market and Where there is space for newcomers. In other words, you need to do some market research - whether it means hiring an outside firm to do league work or trying to do it yourself. The basic connection between driving your sales growth and encouraging your customer to solve their problems is disconnected.

"Attracting more and more consumers is about listening to their needs, not finding a solution to a problem," says PJ Aronov Fan, founder and CEO of Experts and Moguls, whose clients I also include Fortune 500 companies. As an early stage and emerging business. "There are a lot of current issues that need to be addressed that customers are willing to pay today."

1. Ask For Referrals. One great way of getting new customers?
2. Increase Your Visibility On Social Media.
3. Blog (And Be Better Than Your Competitors At It)
4. Guest Blog.
5. Use PPC ads.
6. Set Up A Facebook Group.
7. Create A Tool For Your Website.
Get Media Coverage.

Ask for referrals. ...
Network. ...
Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only. ...
Re-contact old customers. ...
Improve your website. ...
Partner with complementary businesses. ...
Promote your expertise. ...
Use online reviews to your advantage.

You can find new Customers & increase sales by making Your Business Stand Out From The Competition &  create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Unleash Your Creativity To Come Up With New Ideas,
Always Be Honest With Your Products Or Services.


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