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How to find traffic driving keywords?

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How can i get keywords with good search volume & low bidding cost.

Inside the Search Console, go to Search Traffic > Search Analytics: Here you'll find all your keyword traffic data, including what search queries your site ranks for as well as the number of impressions and clicks to your site for each keyword, CTR and average position.

You can also link your webmaster and analytics accounts together. Hopefully they'll make all the data visible in analytics in an easy to use manner.


If want good search volume keywords with low bid cost, then you can try Google ads keywords planner tool.
It will show you exact result and your search is end here.

Are you asking about a keyword research tool?

Then I would suggest Keywords everywhere chrome extension. Or analyzing the competition on page1 for target keyword by using a tool like ahrefs to look at the organic rankings they have for that specific page.


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