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How to rank keywords?

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--- Quote from: bejandaruwalla on 12-04-2021, 02:14:29 ---we can do what kind of activity for the best keyword ranking.

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Improve Your Google Keyword Rankings:

Calculate Your Positions.
Choose the Correct Keywords.
Resolve any technical issues.
Place a premium on the user experience.
Optimize your site for both users and search engines.
Make titles that are both eye-catching and engaging.
Keep up with algorithm changes.
Answer the questions that people are asking.

Positioning catchphrases locally will expect for a reliable reference very much like in google professional resource page and content site page that is focusing on neighborhood which they will be benefited.

Things You Must Do to Rank for Your Keywords:
1. Keyword research
2. Site structure
3. SEO content audit
4. Content creation, optimization, and on-page SEO
5. Link earning
6. Social media
7. Track performance

With that in mind, there are some essential steps you need to take to rank for your keywords.
1. Measure Your Rankings
2. Target The Right Keywords
3. Clean Up Your Site Structure
4. Pay Attention To User Experience Signals
5. Optimize For Users & Search Engines
6. Create Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles
7. Stay On Top Of Algorithm Updates
8. Provide Answers To The Questions People Are Asking
9. Build Valuable Inbound Links
10. Promote Your Content Strategically
11. Continuously Optimize & Improve Content
12. Setup & Optimize Your Google Business Profile


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