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Title: keyword research tool
Post by: RoyJones on 12-06-2017, 23:28:04
The best keyword research tool is one of the best tool provided by Goole. that has gotten me hundreds of thousands visitors through free organic search, it's free of cost to use.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: JSImediaJS123 on 01-15-2018, 23:08:33
Keyword research tool of Google is Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Or you take help of the MOZ tool or SEMrush tool.They also provide reliable services.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: janjan on 01-16-2018, 01:49:39
Are you sure?
What do you mean that it got you thousands of visitors?
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: RH-Calvin on 01-25-2018, 22:37:25
Best keywords can be selected using Google keyword planner. It is the best free tool for high quality keyword research. They help to provide various keyword suggestions for your domain, and selecting the right keywords will help to rank your website higher in search results.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: transcendtorontoseo on 01-28-2018, 06:18:34
There are a variety of keyword research tool, but probably the best, for me too, is google keyword research.  You can find new keyword ideas for your Search Network campaigns that are relevant to your product, service, and target customers.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: on 02-20-2018, 07:00:25
Hey community,

Serpstat here (a dude from Serpstat, not the AI).

You can try our tool, it does Keyword/Competitor Research, Rank Tracking, SEO Audit, Backlink Analysis and Text Analysis with Keyword Clustering. Our Rank Tracker is the cheapest and by far the most advanced rank tracker on the market.
Unlike any RT on the market, Serpstat shows all of the top 100 domains that also rank for each of a keyword you set in your project.
This gives you 100 times more info about your competitor environment, stores all the data of all SERPs, and has many useful tools like Domain Traffic share for a keyword and handy filters.
It also provides you with the info about your target URL and its positions for tracked keywords so you see spot on which URL ranks for the keyword and manage your target URLs.

It's globally compatible but the best part is that you can always use Serpstat's Backlink Analysis and SEO Site audit - very powerful tools that are also globally compatible. Keyword/Competitor Analytics (for US, UK, AU, CA and many European countries). (
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: damponting44 on 04-10-2018, 03:30:48
Below tools can be use for keyword research
Keyword Planner tool
MOZ tool
SEMrush tool
Online suggestions
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: HeritageLawnsKC on 04-17-2018, 13:17:07
Google's Keyword Planner is pretty good, I also like Moz's Keyword Explorer and the Keywords Everywhere extension you can download for free in Google Chrome.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: hariandro on 07-31-2018, 05:27:50
Many tools are available. Google Keyword planner tool is the best tool for keyword research.
Title: Re: keyword research tool
Post by: SnowflakesSoftware on 08-07-2018, 01:32:26
A number of keyword research tools are available at search engines, but Google keyword planner is an excellent keyword research tool which is available at free of cost. So I recommend you to use this to find your keywords.