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Dear colleagues!

I present to you the SiteAnalyzer program, which is intended for technical analysis and site audit (server response codes, presence of "broken" links, links to external resources, check for availability of title, keywords, description, h1-h6 headers, check for duplicate pages, etc). This is a free analogue of the program Screaming Frog SEO Spider and similar to it.

The analysis is performed by scanning all pages of the site (crawling the site by links), after which, based on parsed data, you can audit the parameters of interest.

Key features
[*]Scanning of all pages of the site, as well as images, scripts and documents
[*]Obtaining server response codes for each page (200, 301, 302, 404, 500, 503, etc.)
[*]Determining the presence and content Title, Keywords, Description, H1-H6
[*]Search and display the "duplicate" pages, meta tags and headers
[*]Determining whether an attribute rel="canonical" for each page of the site
[*]Following the directives of "robots.txt" file or meta tag "robots"
[*]Accounting rel="nofollow" when crawling pages on your site
[*]Reference analysis – finding internal and external links to pages (within the site)
[*]Determination of the number of referrals from the page (redirect)
[*]Determining the level of nesting pages relative to the main
[*]Generate sitemap "sitemap.xml" (with the possibility of splitting into several files)
[*]URL filtering by any parameter
[*]Export reports to CSV and Excel (full report in Excel-format)
Differences from analogues
[*]Low demands on computer resources, low consumption of RAM
[*]To store data, a local database is used that is characterized by its performance and reliability
[*]Scanning websites of any volumes due to the low requirements of computer resources
[*]Portable format (works without installation on a PC or directly from removable media)
I will be glad to any comments and wishes on the work and development of the program.

Sorry for my bad English :(

Program page:
Download: (2,5 Mb)

PS. The program is distributed free (there is a Buy item on the site, but in the near future payment for the program will not be charged).

New version SiteAnalyzer

What's new:
[*]added limit the number of pages scanned
[*]added the ability to scan selected projects (scan several projects in turn)
[*]added the ability to delete selected projects
Web: SiteAnalyzer (2,5 Mb)

New version SiteAnalyzer

What's new:
[*]it became possible to add sites to the list of projects
[*]added display of data download speed when parsing sites (URI/sec)
[*]added showing of favicon sites in the list of projects
[*]restored the display of data in the "Info" tab

Web: (2,5 Mb)

New version SiteAnalyzer

What's new:
[*]increased the speed of parsing websites, increased stability of the program
[*]added the ability to download reports in Excel format (all results in one file, with tabs)
[*]added parsing video (avi, mpeg, mov, links to Youtube, etc. formats). New column "Video" in the main report + tab
[*]added parsing of documents (doc, xlsx, pdf, zip, mp3, etc. formats). New column "Documents" in the main report + tab
[*]added highlighting of lines around content types (URL, styles, scripts, images, videos, documents, etc.)
[*]added a visual display of the progress of data loading for "large" projects
[*]restored parsing and displaying files in *.css format
[*]corrected incorrect accounting of the rules of the file "robots.txt" when parsing websites
[*]optimized database structure, the removal of projects began to occur many times faster
Website: SiteAnalyzer (3 Mb)

New version SiteAnalyzer

What's new:
[*]increased speed of data export to Excel + eliminated bugs that occur when exporting large projects
[*]increased speed of generating a sitemap "Sitemap.xml"
[*]setting up the program for the "Scan" and "Exceptions" tabs became individual for each project
[*]fixed a bug where objects with the type "text/javascript" were recognized as documents, rather than files like "Javascript"
[*]fixed incorrect parsing of the meta-tag TITLE with the SVG-formatted image on the page (in which this tag is also present)
[*]fixed incorrect sorting of the main site data in the table, boolean type output (for example, sorting in the HTTPS column)
[*]added a pie chart showing the percentage of objects on the site (pages, images, styles, scripts, etc.)
Web: SiteAnalyzer (3 Mb)


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