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actual hashtegs - where?


Hi! How do you find the actual Twitter hashtags? Sorry for newbie quection.

Thanks a lot :).
But would You explain haw define what hashtag is actual today? However #actual - is not something usefull  :-[

The most obvious place to check out trending hashtags is the actual Twitter website because it has the most accurate information on the subject. Not only is this the best source based on legitimacy of data, but Twitter also offers “tailored trends” to each user based on where they are and who they follow.

We use hastags to immediately index our post in the related keyword so if we want to see all of the post in the Twitter just use the search box and input #keyword that you need to find.

hashtegs are really usefull now a days... Twitter, Facebook & Instagram these are the most popular Social media network those follow hashtegs.

I do see Instagram is totally based on hashtegs & Twitter also show interested on hashtegs but Facebook is only one who show little Interest on hashtegs.

So hashtags are important & how can you hashtags on online.


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