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How to do twitter marketing?

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I have done seo but i have lack of idea about smo..I want to do twitter marketing for my new website..And here are many experts of twitter who can guide me well. Friends please help me how to start of doing twitter marketing? How to increase thousands of followers? Please help me and suggests me what to do.. I hope you will give me suggestion as you guys always gives...Thanks in advance...

in order to be followed, you must post tweets that are eye catching, short but is very precise. You could also follow people who are in group with most popular people in the society, they do follow those who follow them. Also provide images that are interesting to look at. and the most important thing is to be more truthful about what you post.:)


For doing twitter marketing first of all you should have a relevant and strong business profile. Here i am suggesting few steps that can be useful to create a strong and useful twitter page.

1) Create a twitter account for your company or brand.

2) Add more twitter followers to it (Always add relevant and targeted followers to your followers for maximum advantage ).

3) When you have enough number of followers to it, start posting updates about your product and service.

4) For attracting people you can also start quiz competition and other discount offers on it.

Social media marketing is one of the effective and impressive techniques to describe about your product or service. Creating communities of the relevant business persons can be helpful to get the high volume of followers.

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Hello friends

Now a days social media marketing is interesting source to promote a product, business or a website. I want to use twitter marketing for promotion of my website. Can anyone suggest me how can I do marketing for my website using twitter.

Thanks for sharing

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