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How to set up a business twitter page?

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Hello everyone,

    I want to know that, How to set up a business twitter page?

Create a business page on twitter
1. choose a unique username for creating a  business page.
2. Your profile must be name of your brand or business
3. Write about your website with unique and quality content and give a link that relevant to your website URL
4. Use infographics images that relevant a website feature
5. Give a good twitter content such as clickable by the more visitor

It is the same as when a person creates one for his own, the difference is that the details that you'll indicate will be the one from your business. If I were you I will go for LinkedIn or FB. BTW What type of business is it?


--- Quote from: diyasaini on 07-03-2014, 04:35:19 ---Hello everyone,

    I want to know that, How to set up a business twitter page?

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The first thing is to choose a proper username. This name will now be known on Twitter. Try to create a short and easy to remember name (at character and everyone can remember).
Make sure that the image of the attractive title, the details create the difference (note color). Photos and videos are important. Studies have shown that the image on Twitter can increase the number of "retweets" to 35% and 28% videos.
Right from the early stages Please integrate your brand on Twitter council. "Follow" what competitors do, "follow" customers / potential customers, "followed those with influence in the industry and even .." follow "those who are watching your competitors you.
You can set up an account in the "public" or "private". You can sort the competitors in the "private", while those who like your brand, give the list of "public".
Update your information with "tweets" consistency, use the content / latest events, including photographs and videos to increase your marketing message.
Content is King
This may sound obvious, but any content posted compatriots are encouraged interaction from users. Includes links to articles, relevant news, ... Gradually, create your tweet for a character and its own tone, natural and attractive, avoid it like the robot - not what brings emotion.
For businesses or big brands, they tweet to attract everyone to pay attention to them, not the individual meets.
With the immediacy of Twitter, you need to meet all questions and comments in a timely manner. Start reply with @ name-who-used if you want to limit the number of people who may know the conversation.
Use hashtags to start a conversation, make your tweets related to the conversation and choose keywords related tweets.
You need measurement tools work by its own analysis. This will give you but the basic statistical information, such as the number of click through and answer, ...
Tools of the trade
There are solutions to manage social media success allows you to control your brand. With Twitter, you can create a schedule to tweet, retweet automatically, automatically track when someone refers to a specific keyword and provides relevant content from 3rd party sites or other sources.

If I have to say in a simpler way, then there is no particular rules for creating business pages in Twitter. Its totally similar to creating a personal profile. But  yes you can manage them like a business page. You should have a proper bio as well as the logo should be used as the profile photo. Besides that you should give business related tweets to your profile.


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