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Promote Twitter Tweets or Account?

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What’s up everyone? If you have an opportunity to advertise on Twitter, which one do you prefer to promote, your Twitter tweets or account?
What do you guys think?

Promoted tweets will probably work best to extend your reach on Twitter and drive immediate traffic to your products, blog, or campaign landing page. That is because they should put a relevant message in front of users thta don't currently follow you but are interested in the subject matter of your tweet.
Promoted account on the other hand, are meant to start a relationship on Twitter itself rather than attempting to  direct traffic elsewhere. This is more a long term play that will help you to build trust and a following over time thta gets people. seeing more of your tweets on a regular basis.

1. Don't Post Too Often
You want to post consistently but not to the point of spamming your followers. Tweeting every minute of the day will surely annoy your followers. Try not to post more than 2 or 3 times an hour. You should work on creating quality tweets as opposed to a large number of uninspired one's.
2. Use Hashtags Properly
You should use #hashtags to group similar tweets or tweets that are on the same topic. The top trending hashtags can be found on Twitter's homepage and can easily be searched for. Tweets which include hashtag are much more likely to be found and read. You should limit the number of hashtags you use on your tweets to a maximum of two. Having too many hashtags per tweet is confusing for followers.
Avoid using very long hashtags in your tweets. Short one's work best and are much easier to read. Try capitalising the first letter of each word in your hashtag to make it significantly easier for your followers to read, e.g. #NewCar instead of #newcar
3. Use Some Keywords
When writing your tweet, use keywords that best describe the business that you're doing as it helps people using the search function to find your tweets. Using keywords and hashtags in your content will mean that it's more likely to appear in Google's search results as well, providing yet another way of getting your tweets noticed.
4. Short Direct Tweets
You should also try a very short impactful tweet every now and again. Tweet a powerful short phrase for impact. These are more likely to get retweeted and spread around Twitter.

Promoted Tweets

This is the best method to drive traffic to products, landing pages, products, and blogs. Using promoted tweets you can put relevant messages in front of the users you are targeting. You are able to promote existing tweets or create new tweets to promote. When promoting tweets you can also choose to only show them to new users if you want. You can set the tweet as “Promoted Only” so it is not delivered to your followers and is suppressed from your profile. If you promote a new standard tweet it will enter your public stream immediately. Promoted tweets will show up at the top of related search results and on home timelines for users in the segment you are targeting.

Promoted Accounts

The other way to use Twitter advertising is via Promoted Accounts. Rather than trying to drive traffic to your product or landing page using promoted accounts allows you to build a relationship with new users on Twitter. This advertising widget shows up in a few places on Twitter allowing new users you target to follow your account. Promoted accounts show up on the “Who to follow” widget and on the “Home” and “Connect” tabs. They will also show up in search results and sometimes on the “Similar To You” widget on you profile.

I beleive in holistic approach in Marketing so I would advise you to promote your Twitter account as one whole.
Instead of promoting just one Tweet, this type of Twitter ad allows you to promote your brand's entire Twitter account. It targets users who don't already follow your brand and can help grow your business's Twitter following. Promoted Accounts are displayed in potential followers' timelines.


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