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Tweet ranking?

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Does tweets get ranked? How they are ranked? What makes them to rank higher?

I can't wait to get a long meaningful answer. Warm Rewards on greatest post, (1 Thumb up and 1 Thanks!)

Hello, for a good Twitter rank you must have a lot of ideas and post)! There are a lot of new information their , and very important to be more activety! also, I use #keywords!

There are three major things that the Google algorithm considers while ranking a tweet higher than others:
- number of followers (a tweet by a person wirth 1 million followers would rank higher than a tweet by a person with 1000 followers).
- hashtags are not always good (A lot of spammers also use popular topics as hastags to get people to read their tweets).
- displaying timely and topical results (Google has a job to pick out and display the freshnest tweets and filter out the older  ones).

I am bit confused about the tweet ranking thing you have mentioned here. I am not familiar with it! Are you talking about the trending topic in twitter.

The number people who tweet a certain topic will determine whether it will be trending or not. Usually its about the trendy topic that roams around the internet, if you'll be able to rank it then you are lucky enough.


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