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Sap Solution:
For promotion of your website, actual thing is your skill and knowledge related to specific social networks. If you are too expert in using Facebook, you can easily promote your product through Facebook


--- Quote from: ufobm on 07-22-2014, 01:56:48 ---With Twitter I can't get followers easily...

--- End quote ---
twitter for me is one of the most easy social network to get followers- unlike facebook- followers can see all my tweets- but as you reach high number of following and followers- you will sink in information sea- as tweets coming to account so fast, you can not sort what is usable and what is not

Linked in doesn't bring any traffic for my current project. On FB we don't have a lot of likes. Don't know why. But what we've got all natural. I think the main problem that we just copy stuff from the website. We don't do anything special for FB users (don't have budget => people for it). On TW we have a lot of followers. Even that most of our followers our potential, current and former clients still if we put something on TW we are getting some traffic. I guess it's a human factor as well - most of retweets we're getting from people who we know personally and of cause it's their articles ;) so retweets work as their promotion as well :)

For me -
Twitter - for regular use
Facebook - for Business Page
Linkedin - for Professional use

It's amazing to being a part of these great social networks! These are amazing & superb social networks in all over the world,Which has millions traffic.

Facebook :- Facebook is a amazing network, Which is use for fun, entertainment & professional.

Linkedin :- Linkedin is a professional network. Which has millions professional uses.

Twitter :- Twitter is also a great social network, Which has millions follows but Twitter covers celebrities so it also true Twitter is celebrities hub!


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