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Twitter or Google Buzz?


Google buzz is good for tweeting and blogging and twitter is perfect for sharing a link. Twitter is not good for group discussion or expressing thoughts.
In buzz you can deeply debate about a single topic. Buzz is good for asking opinions.

What do you guys think of google buzz and twitter, share your experience here..

At an event at the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters, Google also seemed poised to take a poke at the AOL Instant Messenger service, saying Buzz will be offered to companies as a tool for interoffice communication.

Google Buzz, a feature of Gmail, aims to compete using elements similar to Facebook and Twitter. (CNN)  Google plunged into the world of social networking on Tuesday, melding pieces of Facebook and Twitter into a new feature, Google Buzz.

So  I think in future google buzz will be popular.

They are very different websites Google Buzz is just for you and your friends, whereas twitter is for the world to see and you can follow famous people easily.


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