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What should my first tweet be?

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Hello everyone,

   Please tell me, What should my first tweet be?

Twitter has taken over my relationship.
 Unless you're a celeb/public figure/in the entertainment business, Twitter is not for you.

Just a simple hello with your introduction should be good enough as your first tweet.

You are tweeting to the people who follow you. And on your first tweet, chances are nobody is following you, so you are first tweet will not even be read by anyone yet. If you include hashtag in your tweet , for example "funny dogs", then your first tweet  has the potential to be read by millions of people around the world who are searching for the hashtag #funnydogs. Some tips about how your tweets must look like: create a conversation, be useful,  be strategic.

It dosen’t matter what is the topic of your first tweet! Very important content and actualitys of your post! Use pictures, and tags! Also, very important what your audience need and want to see in a tweet! that is why, develop your business and your knowledges about it)


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