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Reliable Hosting for online pharmacy?

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Hi Guys,
I am here only to find out any reputed provider who are willing to host our Online Pharmacy.
Also, what are payment processor options? I know it's hard to find payment processor so will be taking Bitcoins to start with.
Do you think cloudarion.com US ssd hosting will work fine for my needs? Any info on them?
Alternatives, please?
Any suggestions and replies are very much appreciated.

I started using cloudarion.com SSD VPS hosting when I needed additional storage space for my web site. I'm very impressed.
Sign up was easy, support is great, speed is fantastic. Their tech people helped me with everything I needed.

Attractive deals can be got from hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com.
They are cheap and reliable.

Taking the advantage of the opportunity, can say that I'm happy using cloudarion.com SSD VPS hosting services.
They have the online support option which is great but sending them a mail is often better and they will reply within one hour if not a half hour and they'll fix your problem fast!

The best thing about cloudarion.com is that the support services that are provided by it are simply perfect whenever I was in any doubt.
At the same time, when you have any questions, you can just send a message or a ticket to the support staff and within a few minutes you would get the right reply back.


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