Advantages of the China Shared Hosting Construction Site

Author Topic:  Advantages of the China Shared Hosting Construction Site  (Read 884 times)

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  Many people don‘t know how much of a site they need to choose after building a website, let alone a high-cost server ,such as the China shared hosting. There is also less awareness of the China shared hosting, so it’s more difficult for us to choose.

  What is the China shared hosting?The China shared hosting, also known as “site space”, are dividing a physical server running on the Internet into multiple “shared” servers. The China shared hosting technology has greatly promoted the application and popularization of network technology. At the same time, the renting service of the China shared hosting also became a new economic form in the Internet era.

  Enterprises adopt the China shared hosting station, which are the advantages and disadvantages of them:

  The advantages of the China shared hosting:

  1. Compared with the purchase of independent servers, the cost of website construction has been greatly reduced, which provides great convenience for the popularization of small and medium-sized websites.

  2. The website server management is simple to manage, such as software configuration, anti-virus, anti-attack and other security measures are provided by professional service providers, greatly simplifying the complexity of server management.

  3, website construction efficiency has improved, the own server to install the operating system and application software need a long time, and the China shared hosting usually only takes a few minutes can be opened, because the main service providers has achieved the whole business process of electronic commerce, to choose the China shared hosting that suits yourself need online can be opened immediately after payment.

  The disadvantages of the China shared hosting:

  1. Some functions are restricted by service providers, such as BBS programs and traffic statistics functions that may consume system resources and so on and so forth;

  2. The website design needs to consider the functional support provided by the service provider, such as database type, operating system and so on;

  3, some the China shared hosting sites access speed is too slow, this may be due to host provider to rent out a host to numerous websites, or server configuration and other reasons, caused by the site for this situation cannot be solved, for normal access to the site will be negative effects;

  4. Some service providers have certain restrictions on the traffic flow of the website, so that when the site traffic is larger, as a result ,it will not be able to access properly.

  It can be seen whether the website is managed by the China shared hosting or a dedicated server, which needs to be taken into account according to the situation of the website and the expected development situation. General advice is: general small business website content is relatively small, function is simple and has less traffic, the virtual host can, if the China shared hosting can meet the normal operation of the website, or web site has some special functions, should consider to adopt the way of a dedicated server.


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