Does The China Shared Hosting Affect The Speed Of The Network

Author Topic:   Does The China Shared Hosting Affect The Speed Of The Network  (Read 1126 times)

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  The speed of the Internet is fast, and many of them know how much bandwidth is involved. However, there is also a phenomenon that the bandwidth is very large and the network speed is slow. At this point, many webmasters are wondering if it is related to the web China shared hosting space. So let‘s see if there is a relationship between the two of them.

  1. Excessive waste files in the system will also affect the system, and it is recommended to clean the system regularly.

  2, China Netcom (telecom) has their internal reasons (such as machine such as aging, there was something wrong with system, etc.) can also affect our Internet connection, they will repair itself, which is occasionally we slow speeds, over a period of time and a good reason.

  3. Some software running inside your machine also affects the speed of the network. The reasons for your network’s aging and so on can also affect your network speed.

  4. If the download speed, if you are using thunderbolt, it may be that your thunderbolt version is too low, I suggest that the official website download a new version and do its internal setting.

  5. Swift download is sometimes slow and has a certain relationship with the files you download. Downloading files to the other side of the URL is not good, and so on, can cause download speed slow. You go to a few large websites and try it, it‘s definitely faster than some small websites, and that’s why China Netcom has a limited number of visits, and you can use the software to unlock that limitation.

  6.The Internet is too slow. This one doesn‘t have to be explained!

  7.Opening to much pages , IE very consuming memory, when open the page more caused by lack of page caching and make the new page loads more slowly, this can be achieved by properly increasing page caching to improve, but the effect is not obvious.

  8. Loading page contains too many special effects code and controls, these items can give a page to add a special effect and interaction capabilities, also spend a lot of network resources and memory, can be viewed in does not affect the case closed, still can enhance security.

  9.Local web storage space is limited, this often notice, but in most cases is for this reason that when there is insufficient space on the web page download found, Windows are apply for a new storage space, it needs to be registered in the system. So the web page will slow down.

  10. DNS address server is a error, regardless of the dynamic or static IP address, as long as the DNS is incorrect, the page is generally not open because the domain name resolution cannot be completed. This can ask the service provider.

  11.There are so many garbage and mistakes in the system. There are many holes in IE itself. Due to the system stick and tight system, the stability of the system determines whether IE can work properly, and should try to use the highest version of IE, or try it in a different browser! Or simply reinstall the system.

  To sum up, there is still a qualitative relationship between the fast and the virtual host space, but for specific reasons, the reasons can be solved correctly.


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