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Linux or Windows Web Hosting?


     After selecting a reliable hosting for your web site you would possibly feel you're ready however wait, the work isn't over, there's more to it.

    When you select a Web Hosting provider then you would like to decide which operating software system would run on your server. This can be an important call because the performance of your server eventually depends upon the operating system you select.

    There are numerous operating systems accessible that you can select from but most of the Web Hosting service providers give Linux and Windows. These two are the most popular operating systems for servers.


    Windows is also a very good operating system. It's very popular owing to its support quality. Although Windows is a little costlier than Linux, it's still quite popular owing to its easy use and operability.


    Linux is one the most popular operating systems, thanks to it being cheap to install and use, which is because of its open source nature and no licensing fees.

    Linux and Windows are the two most ordinarily used OS’s and are offered by most of the hosting providers.

    Another issue that differentiates both OS’s is the access to the server. Linux and Windows each provide FTP access to the files however solely Linux offers Telnet or SSD access further. Many users like Windows owing to its FrontPage application further that isn't simply accessible on Linux.


    A major issue that influences users to decide on a selected OS is that of security. Many assume Linux to be safer however it's not true. Linux like Windows is vulnerable too. The safety of any server depends upon the server administration more than the OS.

    Thus, even if you discover numerous variations between the OS’s they eventually perform an equivalent role and you ought to choose what suits your needs.

Linux is not only cheap but is also more secure and is stable since it can withstand higher load when compared to Windows. If you have designed and programmed your website on a Linux hosting server then you can easily host it on a Windows server whenever you need it, but it is not always true in the reverse order. Thus it is better to design a website in Unix.I have availed the Linux hosting from 9cubehosting.com and hence very much aware of the pros of Linux hosting.


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