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Title: Looking for a host that can grow with my site
Post by: Herstin on 10-20-2020, 06:51:24
I'm launching a WordPress site next month that I believe will grow faster than expected. I'm not sure what's the best choice for hosting. I currently have a VPS with Hostdime (who I really like as a host - they're local with killer support) and I'm not sure if that's the best route or not. My current VPS (2gb ram) has multiple failures a day with automatic restarts. It's hosting a one multisite install (with 3 active subsites, 4-5 inactive subsites and less than 100 visitors a day total on average), a second site with 60-70 visitors a day and 2 other sites that are lucky to get one visitor a day. The failures have me concerned that 1 site 300-500 members and 1000 hits a day will need a lot more resource-wise than what I have now. I don't think that there's that huge a load on it (though maybe the multisite is a resource hog?).

So I looked at managed WP hosting, thinking a 'cloud' option may let the site grow to 500 members or so & weather traffic spikes - and then I can move it to something more permanent. WPEngine is cool but I expect their costs to be much higher due to their per pageview bs. I'm trying another web host's WP hosting, which is ok but supportwise they are slow (I'm spoiled by several hosts) plus they screwed up when installed an SSL cert and it's been a week and they have yet to reinstall it. They don't have my confidence.

So I'm really not sure which way to go - and perhaps it's because I don't understand hosting that well. A distributed grid sounds cool, but does it work in practice? Is eventually getting a dedicated server unavoidable? What the hell do sites that have a lot of members and traffic do?

What can you say about web hosting?

All advice will be appreciated - I'm planning on launching my site, I need to get this squared away ASAP. Thanks!
Title: Re: Looking for a host that can grow with my site
Post by: Franburgs on 10-23-2020, 01:50:28 is worth the price they offer for hosting plans. The higher cost is definitely worth the reduced hassle and headaches.

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Title: Re: Looking for a host that can grow with my site
Post by: Lisbently on 10-29-2020, 07:19:36
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Title: Re: Looking for a host that can grow with my site
Post by: Nickindred on 11-06-2020, 02:07:59
I will never switch to another hosting provider, just move up to more powerful server options with hosting. Thumbs up!
Can't beat the value and support in this hosting class. Full Cpanel included.
Title: Re: Looking for a host that can grow with my site
Post by: Chersont on 11-11-2020, 03:42:04
Excellent service, no fuss no bother and quick reaction times. Transferred my site and domain name from another host with no hassle. Recommend hosting to others.