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Looking for a reliable and fast host with lots of disk space


As the title says. I am running a private site that will not really have many members, i'm going to say definitely below 50. The site will have pics and videos on it from hosted events. Often times there are around 100 pics and the videos are small in size. I will be probably using gallery2 to host the pics and wordpress to power the site. It will have just a few blog entries per month and a few updates per month.

I am looking for a host that will give me over or around 100gb of space and an amble amount of bandwidth. Money is not really that much of an object, however I don't want to go with a host like dreamhost or godaddy and their offers of 500gb of space and have the site be ridiculously slow and the ftp be horrible.

I am looking into media temple's grid service but wondering if that is going to be enough or if its overkill or what.

So to recap, a reliable, fast and ample storage host. Thanks.

If you are looking for more reliability in a shared host, either you are going to be spending a lot for that kind of storage or try lowering your requirements. Otherwise, like the poster above said a good alternative is a VDS (managed might be also a good solution for you).


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