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Looking for dedicated hosting package


Hey guys,
I am in search of a reliable host offering feature-rich dedicated hosting solutions:
1000 gbs of SSD space, 40000 gbs of bandwidth, Linux.
Any info on Cloudarion.com or XXIwebhosting.com server hosting?
Is the price ok for their reseller hosting packages?
What hosting provider would you rather choose? Why?

Well, cloudarion.com is very professional, and we intend to keep them for as long as we have our website up and running.
The reliability and support have been flawless. The control panel works very well.

I have had no issues with Zakservers.com offshore server hosting at all and have moved three other client's website to them.
They may be a few dollars more expensive, but certainly worth it. + you'll get Free DDoS Protection With CDN.

Take a look at hostnamaste.com Budget Dedicated Server solutions.
Site uploaded and mail lists set up without a hitch - and any technical query dealt with immediately.


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