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Need host to backup store data files - not website


I would like to use a host's disk space for storage of files (as in my hard drive image file, documents, etc.) Sort of a redundancy backup plan in case of catastrophic failure.

I have asked around but no one allows simply storage. Am I missing something here? why isn't this kosher? All I'm doing is storing files. It should actually be much cheaper because I'm not using bandwidth, except the odd time now and then that I ftp new backups or perhaps need to ftp the backups to save my butt.

I've found some really cheap hosting packages for $3/month which provide 100 GB of storage but so far all hosts have declined my business.

As a followup, how would a host know if I were to put up a "dummy" site and then upload a whole bunch of files for storage?

I'm asking, not that I would do this, but just because I'm curious why hosts are so sensitive to this and how they go about finding out if their customers are actually using their accounts for storage not related to the sites.


You could go for netfirms.com.. not a great host, but they don't mind if you start using their stuff..

Also they have a 1 yr promo for just $10... i think they give out 2 domains as well


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