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A shared web hosting refers to a web hosting service where many websites resides on one web server connected to another internet.Thus the shared hosting is cheap and management of server is good and easy.

If you are short of bucks and want to spend the minimum for your hosting, then shared hosting is the best choice that you can go with. A virtually shared web hosting will allow you to share your hosting with other clients and the cost is basically shared. But you do not have a freedom and privacy as Virtual Private Servers.

Shared hosting is where several websites are hosted on a common web server and use the same resources, this hosting much suitable for the beginners who have small scale websites. It is cheap and affordable as various websites are using the same server and the cost of the server is shared among multiple users.

I've been using 4goodhosting.com for a couple of years and they are still wonderful. I went with them because I needed shared hosting for my blogs and their prices are reasonable compare to other hosts. Plus, when I send them emails and tickets they will respond immediately. They keep everything perfect. You must give them a try without any hesitation.

yes, you are correct. shared hosting is cheaper and usually not much time needed to make it working.


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