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Shared hosting meets slashdotting?


my Website has been slashdotted twice in the past four years. It survived without a hiccup both times, but at the time it was mostly static html on some heavy-duty university servers. I now need to put up a more sophisticated site with a CMS, and I need to move it off of university servers.

Even worse: the part of the site that’s likely to get slashdotted or get media attention is a bunch of large .png and .jpg files that are Web maps; they’re illegible if they’re reduced in size. A couple of large .pdf files are likely targets, too.

The site is hardly mission critical, it generates no revenue, and nothing really terrible happens if it goes down (so long as I don’t get a huge bandwidth bill). But it’d still like to give it a fighting chance to stay up if I get slashdotted again.

What would you do in my shoes? Is there a sharing hosting provider or two that you would trust to deal with this sort of situation well, both technically and in terms of customer service?

If the main targets are static files, as you state, there shouldn't be a major issue. If you expect to get slashdotted though warn your hosting provider and look at developing static versions of your site, instead of using the CMS (or use a CMS that generates static pages) As long as the content is static, not driven by PHP/MySQL, etc. I doubt there would be an issue with most reputable hosts.


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