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Title: SNMP Traffic Grapher STG [FREE] Monitor your Traffic Externally
Post by: death1 on 02-27-2015, 17:59:42
This freeware utility allows monitoring of supporting SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c devices including Cisco, Livingstone, Riverstone etc.

Current version 1.4.5 could be downloaded from


Intended as fast aid for network administrators who need prompt access to current information about state of network equipment.


Single graph displays changes in two configurable SNMP variables with display of Current, Average and Maximum values.

Why it was written:
STG was written as an add-on for MRTG application by Tobias Oetiker. MRTG is absolutely necessary for every network and system administrator. (It provides SNMP monitoring of any number of devices simultaneously). But I needed a tool for fast accessing different routers in different places for a short period of time.
So I wrote STG.

STG allows monitoring of one SNMP device with different update periods starting from 0.01s so you could see what's happening right now.