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Using shared hosting account as a backup option


I have been looking for an online backup service to backup my personal data (documents, photos, videos etc.) and so far having seen all the options, I think a shared hosting account with tons of space or Amazon S3 would fit in perfectly with my requirements (got at least 40gb data to be backed up and would increase even further).

Majority of the data would be uploaded once and would just sit there unless my computer crashes. It would be best if the host also performs weekly/monthly backups to ensure some form of redundancy.

Based on above requirement, which one (shared hosting or Amazon S3) do you think would fit in perfectly and would turn out to be cheaper in the long run, especially since I am looking for a service which is easy to use and preferably includes auto resume while uploading.

S3 is slower than molasseses, and most shared providers have policies against using the accounts for backups.

As for mozy, I heard they have a similar issue with transfer speeds. What good is the service if it takes 3 weeks to upload 2 GB of data. Anyone can offer unlimited storage if you can't get the data uploaded to use it.


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