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Title: VPS for legal & illegal projects
Post by: ProHoster on 09-15-2017, 06:22:20

Dont forget about cheap and quality VPS servers ( for illegal projects

- Few minutes for VPS activation.
- OS Windows for FREE. Also you can install any OS
- Low prices for VPS.
- Excellent channels.
- Responsive customer support.
- Vesta Control Panel
- Ignoring the majority of complaints

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Title: Re: VPS for legal & illegal projects
Post by: damponting44 on 09-15-2017, 23:06:12
VPS (Virtual Private Server also known as Virtual Dedicated Server - VDS) is private server with almost all dedicated server features, but with lower price than fully dedicated server! VPS server offers you full SSH root access and total control of your server. In your private server you can install any software or service you need (according to our TOS and AUP). We offer budget unmanaged Linux VPS servers. This means that you will control and manage your VPS server by yourself.