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Which out of Windows and Linux hosting is the best? Which one are you using currently? Is it stable?

I want to know which out of these would be good and easy to use.

Most content management systems (CMS) are based on PHP, and some popular examples are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. If you're building a PHP based website, I strongly recommend linux for your web hosting.

The other popular website programming framework is ASP.NET. If you're building a website based on ASP.NET (including ASP.NET webforms and ASP.NET MVC), you'll need to go with windows based hosting. This is necessary because the latest version of ASP.NET is usually not supported in linux.

There is a full article about this on www.masterslair.com/linux-vs-windows-web-hosting [nofollow]

Linux is not only cheap but is also more secure and is stable since it can withstand higher load when compared to Windows. If you have designed and programmed your website on a Linux hosting server then you can easily host it on a Windows server whenever you need it, but it is not always true in the reverse order. Thus it is better to design a website in Unix.I have availed the Linux hosting from 9cubehosting.com and hence very much aware of the pros of Linux hosting.

Windows and Linux servers have always been in the comparison. Windows are more preferred for the GUI and remote connection, whereas Linux is preferred by experienced webmasters for extreme coding. Linux offers more secure server compared to Windows, and they come at much lower prices.

Most webhosts generally provide Linux hosting because it is cheaper for them to run and usually more stable... But you can still get Windows hosting should you desire, although slightly more expensive...


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