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What is a Pagejecking.

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richard branson:
Page jacking is the type of stealing the contents of the net site by copying those content to the regular sites. After this it invites the people to the illegal site by wrong way

First time I listen this page jecking.

Hi everyone,
         Page hijacking is a form of search engine index spamming. It is achieved by creating a duplicate copy of a fame website which shows contents similar to the original to a web crawler, but redirects the web surfers to undesired or malicious websites. Spammers can use this method to achieve high rankings in SERP for particular keywords.

Shikha Singh:
Pagejacking is the behavior of stealing high-ranking web page content from another site and placing it on your site in the hopes of increasing your own site's search engine rankings. Pagejacking is yet another shady way of gaming the search engines and, as such, its use should be strongly discouraged.

Pagejacking is stealing the contents of a Web site by copying some of its pages, putting them on a site that appears to be the legitimate site, and then inviting people to the illegal site by deceptive means - for example, by having the contents indexed by major search engine s whose results in turn link users to the ...


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