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richard branson:

Hi, if anybody have idea of affiliate marketing and how can i do it.
Pleas share with me infomation

Hi everyone,
        Affiliate marketing is basically a way for you to make money from other people’s products by simply refering people to the designated site. The product owner takes care of the costumer, closes the sale and pays you.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In other words it is a mutual arrangement between you and an online merchant and you are paid a fixed percentage.

Hi Richard,
The world of affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity to make money on the web. It is a very simple process for both the seller and affiliate marketer. Simply write about the content and then link it to the product that you mentioned in your content. When customers visit and click on the link and buy a product, you get a pre-determined commission from the sale.

Affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to make money from blogs and it won’t suit every blog/blogger but there are a few reasons why it can be profitable in our medium.


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