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what is three Way link building?

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richard branson:

what is three Way link building? What is the benefit of  3 way link building

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Can you tell me what's the problem our site about onpage?

Shikha Singh:
Backlinks are very important to rank better in the competition. Let’s consider three websites – website 1, website 2 and website 3. In three way linking, website 1 links to website 2, website 2 links to website 3 and website 3 links to website 1. So it is like a circuit of links. The goal of doing so is to link all the websites in a network; but without cross-linking. No two websites link each other directly. So, they stay safe from cross-linking penalties. This also helps to conserve the link juice within the website network.

Three way link building refers to the process of link exchange between 3 mutual websites. The process is not very useful as Google considers them as link trades between websites.

Three way link building is the process where you link to one of my sites and I link to yours from another site of mine . It's actually depended upon by serious SEO experts. It's better to get links based on subject, instead of doing link exchanges of any kind.

It is a bad practice designed to con search engines into thinking a site is more relevant than it is. I would assume the major search engines will filter out sites that do this.


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