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Title: Any cool cMS's out there?
Post by: mahisharma2 on 12-01-2016, 02:15:44
Hi everyone,

I'm sure most people here have lots of great information to share on this sub. I wanted to ask a general question about CMS's. I'm a web designer first but also have a freelance gig where I design and dev sites for businesses that don't have large budgets. I like to share my creative ability with the world without breaking someone bank. A shitty CMS can really slow down the process (for me), so I wanted to know if any had any sweet secrets they would like to share.

What are the cool CMS's you use? I'm familiar with the larger ones but with so many things online today and such little time during the day I wanted see which ones were worth exploring. In exchange for your cool CMS's I'll give you some of mine.

Small Victories - Really simple but fun! Craft CMS - (not to be mistaken for the InVision craft) This one I hope will be the next wordpress but way better. Gridspree - Great for your favorite restaurant with a shitty shit

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is using!