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Common web design mistakes

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I want to say that every website's design should be easy to navigate because if visitor can't understand your website's sitemap he can't move on inner pages. Therefore every designer should keep in mind the simplicity of website design.

When you start designing a Web site, your options are wide open. Yet all that potential can lead to problems that may cause your Web site to fall short of your goals. The following list of design mistakes addresses the needs of commercial Web sites:

1: Failing to provide information that describes your Web site
2: Skipping alt and title attributes
3: Changing URLs for archived pages
4: Not dating your content
5: Creating busy, crowded pages
6: Going overboard with images
7: Implementing link indirection, interception, or redirection
8: Making new content difficult to recognize or find
9: Displaying thumbnails that are too small to be helpful
10: Forgoing Web page titles

Poor Readability & Legibility.
Unorganized Content Layout.
Bad Navigation.
Inconsistent Interface Design.
Unfriendly Screen Resolution.
Complicated Registration Forms.
Unscrupulous Use of Images/Animations.
Do not Include Background Music.

Here are few silly mistake which we do in design. Bad search, PDF files for online reading users hate coming across a PDF file while browsing, because it breaks their flow. Create enough white space between your text and images by using margins. Navigation in a website should be seamless for designer.

The most important thing is that your website should be search engine as well as user friendly and for this purpose you should do every thing need it. However your points are very important to understand important points regarding web design mistakes.


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