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Common web design mistakes

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1) Writing Old School HTML. Mistake : The early days of the internet had much less options for markup than we do today.
2) “It Works in My Browser”
3) Bad Form.
4) Bloated Responses.
5) Creating Code That Should Work.
6) Writing Forking Code.
8) Making Meaningless Pages.
9) Producing Sites That Are Too Refreshing.

Besides a clear message, the site should have a clear layout. If the page is cluttered, it becomes hard to navigate, causing visitors to leave. is a good example of bad design. ... It is possible to display a lot of content without cluttering the page.

Target audience. Don't ignore the users.
Layout. Don't create a cluttered layout.
Color scheme. Don't use all the colors.
Text placement. Don't fill the page with long paragraphs.
Search & navigation. Don't make it hard for users to find what they need.
Fonts. Don't use too many fonts.
Mobile compatibility.

One of the most continue mistake in web design is that they are using most in the blog's is taking a irrelevant picture. I personally notice a big mistake which in later I resolved by seeing work of mean excellent work.

yes, it's right.


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