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Common web design mistakes

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Common web design mistakes are not made design Confusing.

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Common web design mistakes you should avoid.

• Slower websites are not appreciated by visitors. Your website needs to load quickly, otherwise, visitors won't stay long and may go to your competitor's website.
• The layout of the web page should not be cluttered and navigation links should not be placed in a scattered manner. They should be placed in an organized manner.
• Web content must be free of typos and grammatical errors. Web page content must be placed in an appropriate format; neither too big nor too small. It can be broken down into paragraphs, with the necessary bullet points and subheadings.
• Give adequate prominence to white space on the web page.
• The colors used should be pleasing to the eye.
• Do not install any built-in musical arrangements that cannot be controlled by the visitor.
• Avoid bad layouts that take away the beauty of the website.

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