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Common web design mistakes

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James Andy:
The information above is pretty useful for new designers because mostly they make these types of mistakes on their projects so they should know about these tactics.

Read this common mistakes followed by the people during web design:

1. Where’s the Search box?
2. Poor Readability & Legibility.
3. Unorganized Content Layout.
4. Bad Navigation.
5. Inconsistent Interface Design.
6. Unfriendly Screen Resolution.
7. Complicated Registration Forms.
8. Unscrupulous Use of Images/Animations.
10. No Background Music, Please!
11. Test, Test and Test.

I  must follow these guidelines to avoid web designing mistakes:
1. The user must know what the site is about in seconds
2. Make the content scannable
3. Do not use fancy fonts that are unreadable
4. Do not use tiny fonts:
5. Do not open new browser windows
6. Do not require a registration unless it is necessary
7. Do not overuse Flash

Web design is most important work to create a unique and effective website. So you should considered and little research when you hire any professional and talk with him what your goal or requirements. Considered this mistake like avoid to use ir-relevant images or graphic, use fresh and unique content or information, fit screen resolution, size and layout.

Today, web design plays a crucial role in the success of the website. Hence you should create a perfect website design for your website. But sometimes designers make common mistakes in the design of the website which are mentioned below:

1.   Designers don’t give proper navigation in the design of the website.
2.   Designers use lots of graphics in the design to make it more attractive.
3.   Designers use several banners rather than the text.
4.   There is no call to action button in order to make the conversion on the website.
5.   There is lack of colour and contrast in the web design.


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