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Do you borrow ideas from other websites?

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Have you ever tried to copy some ideas in web design from other websites you found and liked its layouts or colors?

I have but not much, just some part as button, header, footer or some interesting parts from popular websites.

What about you? have you ever done the same? What have you copied or borrowed?

Of course. I always use other website as an useful references to design or re-optimize our website. We are one of Magento Mobile App developer so we often use these website to learn from them some ideas (UX, UI) dropbox, zendesk, evernote.  ;)

Yes I do depend the layout of the website that i am holding from another website knowing that it looks good. We all know the fact that it will only take 15seconds to capture the attention of users to stay on the website. Aside from its content since website layout will be the first one to capture their attention.

Fermina Oropeza:
Actually, I do not copy but I always get good ideas as my reference for my website. Some tips for a good content is helpful in creating a good website design as well.

As much as we prefer to be remarkable and copyright infringement free in our thoughts, we in any case have a tendency to get astounded with some kind of outline and have a go at making the same in our websites: while its definitely not stealing, we keep our inventiveness and imagination to make the thought all the more appealing: as much as i need to deny , however yes we get inspired by the lucrative thoughts of different websites.


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