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Doing an eCommerce platform comparison is not just helpful in choosing the best eCommerce platform [nofollow] for your business but also it helps in scalability and profitability. You can go with the top eCommerce platforms and they can help in many ways.
Points To Consider While You Make A Decision:

* Scalability
* Load of the product data or orders
* Performance & process of business
* Technical aspects
* Budget and pricing
* Security
* Maintenance and customization
* Multi-channel Integration
* Mobile and SEO friendliness Hope it helps.

Ecommerce websites development demand is increasing as the businesses owners are taking there business online. It has become an important factor that your business have a Online website.

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--- Quote from: edtechwebdesign on 07-25-2020, 06:43:23 ---Hi experts,

Which is the best platform to develop e-commerce for grocery?

--- End quote ---

Hi there,

It depends on the size of site really, but WooCommerce could be a good choice.

Here is a list of ecommerce platforms you could use:

* WooCommerce
* BigCommerce
* Shopify
* Magento
I have worked with all the above platforms, and personally prefer WooCommerce.

Magento is quite hard to build and optimise, can be very expensive to hire devs.

If you need any help with ecommerce SEO you can check here.

I also recently put together a guide to ecommerce navigation SEO which may be useful.

Is it possible to make an adaptive website on pure CSS in Wordpress? Only if you don't write a lot of code? So it doesn't take a lot of time. Maybe you could advise me some framework?


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