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Title: ecommerce development
Post by: edtechwebdesign on 07-25-2020, 06:43:23
Hi experts,

Which is the best platform to develop e-commerce for grocery?
Title: Re: ecommerce development
Post by: SmutSia on 08-27-2020, 13:02:48
Your own ...

Most of the eCommerce platforms on the market today have been designed for the masses. 

All these platforms suffer from code bloat, mainly because they were all created for the masses as they all try to be everything to everybody and this makes them mundane, ordinary, plain jane vanilla, unimpressive, as the very meaning of being made for the masses is being average.

And the worst of the bunch is Wix, Squarespace, Duda, and Shopify ... all those companies host the sites, do not allow you access to all the code, and are just renting you space on their servers.

You're just renting code on a server. And do something they don’t like, upset the wrong person, or if they sell their business, have a hostile takeover, go out of business, or anything else then you're in big trouble, because you're just a renter, you don’t own anything.
Title: Re: ecommerce development
Post by: nileshpandey1123 on 10-08-2020, 00:08:12
Developing an e-commerce website is becoming a dire necessity for every business. People are moving towards online purchasing more than the traditional purchasing methods. Purchasing products online saves a lot of money and time. Therefore, most of the businesses are going online.

In order to establish your product’s visibility online, you must have a strong website to promote and marketize it. So, you will need to create a website to portray the company’s product. Creating an e-commerce website has become much simpler. There are several platforms that can help you to create your own customized website. You can choose your own style and create the user-interface that you want your customers to see.

These platforms help to create dynamic websites with strong backends. Also, all the aspects of the website will be strictly supervised under all the SEO compliances. Once you create the website, you should make sure to obtain the necessary tools to analyze your SEO strategies and work accordingly. Most of the goods manufacturing companies have shifted to e-commerce platforms as it has helped the merchants and users significantly. It helps to save a lot of resources and confine the whole marketing to one single place - the web.

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