Innovative Web Design Trends To Watch

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Innovative Web Design Trends To Watch
« on: 01-27-2021, 03:30:02 »
Web requirements keep changing every year. For the past three decades, the web has made enormous changes like no other technology and has permitted us to create experiences that we have not imagined. During the year 2020, web design trends seem limitless with the technical possibilities and web designers innovate new things, reinvent the previous styles, and continuously experiment on with the new techniques. Also, there are a few popular styles that would not go away like the colourful flat illustrations and ever-present minimalism that we are seeing for quite some time.

So, have you wondered what the web design trends 2020 would be like? If you are required to distinguish the new web design trends, you would require help from the experts. Over the previous years, there has been a great advancement in technology that would help the developers to connect with the users, provide new styles that push the boundaries, a strong focus on the documentation, accessibility guidelines so that the web would be more consistent and an environment that everyone can access.

In the current vast online world, it is necessary to have an incredible user experience and a creative web design to execute a successful web design. Hence, the new trend on web design should indeed make a big impact on web design for this year.

New web design trends emerge every year and the below listed are the web design trends which every newbielink:http://"" [nonactive] follows:

Rotating Animations – Many times you would see a rotating banner on the website. You can see them anywhere right from a large retail online store to a niche dental website. A rotating banner is also called a front-page carousel. It denotes many images that keep rotating on the website’s homepage. It is referred to using the names Front-page Carousel, Ad Rotation, and Image Slider. It is displaying multiple advertisements on a web page at a single place. Ads would be rotating whenever a new page loads every time, within a single page load, or it could be either. As the ads are in the same location, it is mostly of the same format. This web design trend is used by many business owners to add a rotating banner on their company’s website that would attract the visitors and catch their attention. The main objective of every slide or an image is to alert and direct each visitor to many products, articles, services, or to anything else the website owner would prefer to highlight.

For a user, the rotating banner would be attractive and distractive too. But there are a few disadvantages of this web design trend like:

Slows the website load time
Captures the important issues
Not an effective marketing tip
Banner blindness
Distraction to the users
This web design trend leaves users curious to see more each time they refresh the website homepage. Facing fun surprises to the users leaves them with distinct user experience on your website each time they visit.

Dynamic Responsive Landing Pages – One of the newest web design trends is the dynamic responsive landing pages. It is quite impossible to keep the users engaged on a static and simple landing page. So, the page needs to be responsive. Including responsive design trends on your web pages would make it interesting for the users and this would make the users more engaged on the web page for a longer duration. An interactive and well-animated page element is a good sign of an excellent UX design trend that would make the pages more dynamic.
Dynamic Responsive Landing Pages

Non-Traditional Scrolling – Most of the websites experiment with different scrolling techniques for a distinctly unique experience. The normal scrolling included in any website is vertical.  Horizontal scrolling is a unique web design trend that is disruptive in a good way, catch user attention while you remain simple and functional. These scrolling techniques on the web page creates a unique journey to display the content visually.

Gradients Design – This is one of the most popular web design trends among web designers and creatives. A gradient is also called as colour transitions and is a gradual blending of various colours from one to another. Gradient has been a fashionable design for quite some time and is implemented in a traditional method using images and background. Many websites make use of gradient over images to denote some characteristic elements of the brand in most of its campaigns. Being a popular web design trends 2020, the gradient web design has established various multicoloured gradients using vibrant colour palettes and unequal shapes with effects of falsification and blurriness. This new web design trend is being used in different ways but its most important feature is its use being prolonged to many secondary elements within its composition like titles, hovers, icons, 3D elements, and many more. The gradient web design in 3D is one of its excellent features as when there is an illumination of the scene, it generates light gradation on the object surface. The main essential point about this web design trend is its exact use of gradients as the object texture and at times imitating the vertex colour and the colourmap techniques of a gradient. Both the vertex colour and colourmap techniques serve as a purely attractive function as these methods are used to represent data or to map any 3D objects.

Flat Design – With respect to website aesthetics, flat design is a web design trend that is in use for quite some time and is currently in great use. Web owners prefer flat designs for getting high SEO rank and better mobile experience. Web designers and users like smooth layouts, many whitespaces, and beautiful images. For a flat design, it is assumed that a website having fewer images would be inspiring as the website would be image-heavy and slow to load. Flat design is considered an uncluttered design approach that makes use of clean, bright colours, open space, and a simple illustration with two-dimensional. This has become a standard web design trend. The increase of flat design can be useful for the websites to be fast-loading and provides users with appealing browsing experience on laptops and mobiles. It means that the websites depend on simple illustrations that would light with data as compared to the websites that are heavy with large visuals and images. It means that the overall loading time of the website would be faster.
Flat Design Design
Source: Business 2 community
Machine Learning And Conversational Bots – Making use of machine learning in the websites has become a great web design trend as there has been a huge advancement in the usage of artificial intelligence and the conversational bots. We see it almost every day when Google provides us with autosuggestions or when Facebook enquires from us if we would like to be tagged on to a photo. Most of the companies see the conversational bots very useful to their organization like:
Greater convenience by providing users with instant responses and then filtering them as per the specific contact based on their various issues.
Increase in efficiency that provides easier and time-saving transitions between the various cases.

White Spaces – Web design trend is moving towards a mindset where less is more concept. This means that we see many websites that use simple layouts with a vast amount of white space. White space is also called negative space is just an empty space on a web page. This can be thought of like a breathing room around the various page elements of the web page. When white space is used to identify the various sections on your web pages easily and helps to increase readability and make it easy for users to track a few information. Many websites make use of white spaces to break up every section of the website to allow users to focus on each section at a time. Later, it makes use of clever animations to direct users’ eyes down the web page.

Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts – One more recent web design trend is the usage of a grid. Designers make use of a grid system to maintain alignment and steadiness all through the design and make it easy for developers to get the website perfect for the viewer’s eyes. But off late, web designers are trying to get out of the standard grid and trying to be more creative. It also helps the designers to have more creative freedom for their website and have more hierarchies on their page. Having another hierarchy level is important and helpful to guide the user’s eye for the page scroll and then taking them to the most actionable parts of your website. It provides more unique designs.
Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts
Source : Pinterest
Design Systems – Yet another web design trend is the design systems which is a collection of many reusable components that is directed by various principles, constraints, and rules. Many companies have led the design system for setting a trend on web design by creating a deep system and to dedicate web pages on the website for everyone to see. When the design system is implemented it would help the team to reduce any kind of inconsistency and speed up the design process.
Dark Mode – Yet another website trends 2020 is the dark mode. This has been popular for many tablet and phone interfaces. With this, the users have the option to switch the panel to dark, instead of the default standard light that is seen always. Many users have a unique choice as to whether to make use of a light or dark user interface. Hence, many web designers add an option of dark mode to the websites. And when it is a little more work and so much to think about, it would help to create a strong connection and an element that denotes personalization for its users. The dark mode is a colour scheme where its design has a dark background and a light text element. You can design a few things in the dark mode without having a light alternative. This new web design trend is focused on projects that have a dark and light mode. The main design has a light background with a colour text element and the dark mode is the dark background and with light text elements. Users can switch between both modes on any of their devices.
Dark Mode Design

Mixing Photography With Videos – Including photography and videos on the website would be an interesting factor and this is the web design trend that would create a memorable visual that would lend itself to let your creativity go wild. In short, having a collage-like trend is an adaptable one where you can make use of it to add a special charm to your product. You need to customize your imagery and include more personality to your web design. To ensure this web design trend flexibility, be sure that the style of graphics and illustrations match your brand personality. This style can influence the people who interpret the photograph.

Less Navigation – There is a sudden rise in device types like hand-held devices, wearable devices like smartwatches, etc. So, owing to the various devices, web design is getting smaller. The most affected area is the navigation, the link that holds the website at one point. Currently, navigation is getting simpler to fit into small devices and getting into smaller attention spans. Hence, the current web design trend has minimum navigation and takes away the difficulty in usage. When a user has less time to think about navigating, the more time the user would spend on the website. Also, images are becoming more important. Large-scale videos and photos are a way your users would get impressed while having less text.

Having discussed the new web design trends that are going to be the world for web developers in the coming days. The web design trends 2020 are all seen to include visuals and colours that are attention-grabbing and having 3D effects. This would extend beyond the screen with the web design having more user-friendly website experiences with less navigation and dark designs that have a less eye-straining effect.

Source: Technians Blog

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Re: Innovative Web Design Trends To Watch
« Reply #1 on: 03-01-2021, 04:01:27 »
Here are some website Design Trends you can work for:
  • Include some off-screen elements.
  • Utilize light or dark mode toggles.
  • Use of split screens.
  • Try to put minimum aesthetics.
  • Experiment with typefaces.
  • Overlap design elements.
  • Make use of interesting scroll patterns.
Hope it helps.

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Re: Innovative Web Design Trends To Watch
« Reply #2 on: 03-11-2021, 21:53:15 »
Really very Helpful information
Thank You ;) ;) ;)


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