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Main Factors for Web Design

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Nowadays it is very important to have an online presence. If your business has no website then your business has no identity. In this thread, I am going to share the main factors for web design.

7 main factors for web design:-

Target Audience
Website Layout

   9 Main Factors for Web design:-

1. Choosing a relevant domain name:-

You presumably visit well-known sites like Google, Yahoo, and YouTube on each day, however, have you ever detected their unbelievable domain names? Yup, you probably did however ne'er paid attention. Websites with unbelievable domain names say loads whereas spoken communication just about nothing. a site name is simply like psychokinesis.

2. Choos an appropriate hosting provider

When wanting to host your web {site} it's essential to stay your site and a business module in mind. If the positioning goes to be media-rich, then you would like an even bigger hosting arrange. If your website is planned to expertise higher frequency of traffic then you would like a responsive and quick hosting service, otherwise, you'll be able to save couple of dollars by projected to a median hosting supplier.

3. Well planned design:-
The design of the website is important, in fact, it's one of the most significant things to plan before moving on to the development stage.

4. content management system

It's tough to make up a unprecedented web site while not a utilitarian program (CMS) addressing the backend. within the event that you just trust your web site as a Ferrari, the outlook corresponds to the front of the web site and also the engine corresponds to the backend of the positioning. because the sleek paintwork,

5. Proper functionality:-
    It’s pivotal to see your website from the user's perspective,

6. Unique content:-
    In terms of content on your website, it is pivotal to compose top-notch, unique content that is pertinent to your brand and line of business.

7. SEO-friendly website:-
     It’s a common understanding that a website that is not SEO-friendly is just like a needle in a haystack.       Regardless of anything, it's basic to develop an SEO-friendly website.

8. Logo design your brand name

9. Javascript and CSS optimize

Main factors while designing a website:

* Choosing a Domain and Host.
* Clean Design.
* Effective Color Scheme.
* The functionality of the website.
* You should create a mobile responsive website.
* Navigation between and inside the web pages.
* The loading time of the website should be short.Hope it helps.


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