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Organic traffic and responsive web design question

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My question is can responsive web design boost organic traffic in the major search engines or not ? If yes how can I optimze my website for best results ?

Yes, the responsive website design will definitely generate the organic traffic on your website. But be make sure, you have to design a website, which is completely platform independent, i.e. it supports all platforms like mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet and so on. And after that you need to go with digital marketing strategy for getting more traffic on your website.

Optimising your website for the search engines isn't an overnight task, it will take time (months).
I can write a big post about how to get your site ranking etc, and what you need to implement onto your site but I don't have the time.

Send me a PM and we can have a chat about SEO.

Yeah, responsive website design can increase your ranking. Now Google is also give first preference to responsive website.

A responsive website design is very helpful in boosting the rank of it by increasing the number of visitors on it. A responsive design is the requirement of today's market as it helps the drag the attention of online visitors towards a website easily. One thing which must be kept in kind while making a responsive website is it should be platform independent i.e. it should work on laptop, desktop, tablets or on smartphones as well. This is the best technique to increase the traffic on a website instantly.


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