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Photoshop Vs Gimp

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Ok we're all web designers here and we've probably all dabbled in photoshop but what about GIMP. It's free and surprisingly powerful, anyone use it here ?

I have used it in the past and it's pretty darn impressive, it lacks some of the advanced features within photoshop but it's a great place to start for someone who can't afford PS.

GIMP is open source right? I tried it last year when i first got into photoshop, it's not bad, I mean it caters for layers and has many of the same functionalities as photoshop but it's still so far behind and even with it's extensive plugin support it's still not considered a pro tool.

So although I really like it, I have to say you might as well just jump straight into photoshop as it's the only tool that most web designers take seriously!

I use Photoshop.
It is free in Russia (certainly crĐ°cked  :)))

I prefer Photoshops layout so much more, it is easier for a newbie to get started with photoshop as well as access to all of their tutorials.  GIMP I've noticed has a steep learning curve but is also free..there is a lot of customization you can download online for GIMP as well.

Man there is no question.. don't use such things as gimp .. just buy photoshop . Its the best . I have been using photoshop for 3 years and Im still using it.


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