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Suggestion required for Making HTML Project


Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am newbie here, I don't know how to start. I found this community while researching about HTML over the internet.

Well I am in second year of my Computer Science & Engineering. I have started learning various programming languages. HTML and CSS both are my favorite programming languages. I have also started doing coding of HTML and CSS. At the end of this 2nd year we have to submit a project using any programming language which we are learning here. As I like HTML / CSS therefore I am researching over internet what kind of project I can make. I have no idea about it, however I am enhancing my coding skills in HTML day by day.
Can anyone give their suggestion on this, would be a great support.

Hi @palak231 Hope you are doing well, yes i agree with you HTML is one of the basic of website development, While searching on the Internet I found some of the HTML Projects:

1; Online Survey Form
2: Landing Page
3: Portfolio page
4; Restaurant’s Official Webpage
5: Music Shop Page

and many are there, Hope this will help you


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