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Tips for Responsive Menus to Improve Mobile Website Navigation


Most of designers are adapting with responsive web design, it is mixture of fluid layout and media queries. It is use to create website that fit to different screen sizes. It doesn’t mean responsive web design is all about alter the design, layout and speed but it also base of create user experience website.
Many factors work behind the creation of user experience website design by making it responsive but here, we mention some tips for responsive menus that help to improve mobile website navigation.

-   Adjusting the Visual Design of the Menu

-   Enhancing the Ergonomics: Make Menus Easier to Tap

-   Positioning: Relocating the Navigation on Very Small Screens

-   Different Menus for Different Devices

To get in detail information and to know how these tips is useful go to

Jinesh sethia:
Now, let us take a quick look at some of the approaches that help to strengthen responsive menus for mobile websites:

There should be sufficient spacing between the buttons on mobile websites. ...
The font size should also be appropriately adjusted on mobile websites to increase the ease of navigation.
Some mobile devices will magnify the button while accessing the menus. ...
Mobile devices have different alignments and navigation layouts compared to desktops.


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