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Website's Poor Performance

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Reasons behind website poor performance -

1.)Poor Website Design
2.)Using rookie Professionals
3.)Not Optimised For Google
4.)Slow Loading Website
5.)No Call to Action
6.) Poor Menu & Structure

Isabella Evans:

--- Quote from: Maine Richards on 08-09-2016, 09:21:25 ---I have been told that my website’s performance is very slow and I want to address the issue to be able to provide my clients a much better online experience when transacting business using my website. I just want to know aside from optimizing is there a system that can assist me in boosting my website’s performance and can point exactly what is slowing my site?

--- End quote ---

I guess you should run the audits to find out the lacking points.
You can you "Screaming Frog" Tool to do Content Audit, Link Audit, and Technical Audit to find out why the website performance is poor

What platform did you use to create your website?


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