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Maine Richards:
I have been told that my website’s performance is very slow and I want to address the issue to be able to provide my clients a much better online experience when transacting business using my website. I just want to know aside from optimizing is there a system that can assist me in boosting my website’s performance and can point exactly what is slowing my site?

Fermina Oropeza:
I'm not well equipped with this, but as far as I have read about a poor website performance, Incorrect tags can affect the performance of your internet connections and networks that's why companies has been looking into rules or ways to eliminate problems especially in terms of managing tags, tracking and even publishing. By the way, perhaps there is tool that can resolve the source of the exact latency issues.

Maine Richards:
What do you mean when you say a tool? My friend mentioned that he is using this link to solve latency issues. I am thinking that you might referring to this kind of software. TY

The first thing to do is find out how your website can be optimized is to test the performance of your website and identify the reasons why your site loads really slow.

As we approach the critical holiday period - where as much as 18% of shopping carts are abandoned due to slow ecommerce websites - it's time to discuss how bad performance can impact e-commerce sales and provide you with real-world examples and practical steps on how to improve performance.

Why is website performance important?

A decade ago, the number of businesses selling online was relatively low. Nowadays, those that don’t sell online are a dwindling minority. Due to the ubiquitous nature of the Internet in our modern day life, the marketplace for online sales is huge, and so is the amount of competition.

Consumers are spoilt for choice and aren’t afraid to shop around. Serve up a sluggish website, and visitors will go elsewhere without hesitation. A slow e-commerce website means you’ll lose individual sales as well as any repeat business that may have come from those initial sales.

Load Impact did a study on this in 2012 and found 53% of e-commerce site owners lost money or visitors due to poor performance or stability on their site.


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